Patient Types

Accessed by:  Lists -> Patient Types  or  Documentation -> Text Box Labels

This screen displays the different patient types added to the system and the text box labels that will be displayed and printed for each patient type. This allows the creation of different documenation layouts for each different patient type defined in the system. By using this feature, a PT patient could have a totally different evaluation than a Speech patient for example.


Field Mapping is a new feature recently added. It is used in the EMR side of the system for patient notes and allows you to "carry forward" information entered on one type of note to a field on a different note. See Patient Types - Field Mapping to learn more.



Begin my selecting a patient type from the list at the the top of the screen or by clicking the 'Add New' button to add a new patient type to the system. The selected patient type's field labels will be displayed on the different tabs.

To change a field label, simply click on the current label description and change it to what you want. As soon as the cursor leaves the text box being edited, the record is saved automatically.

The numbers next to the labels correspond to those on the respective EMR screen. The custom fields appear on the Custom tab for each respective EMR screen. If they have the text 'NOT USED' entered, the numbered fields will be locked.

Adding different patient types and changing labels has the following effects in the system:

1. Patient and provider daily numbers will have a new column with any new patient type added. Statistics will then be further broken down to include the new patient type
2. Master Lists will also have a new choice for any new patient type added for categorization. This can further narrow down drop down lists for providers entering documentation.
3. Master Lists areas (Evaluation, Care Plan, Visit Note, etc.) will have new field names on the left hand side and a new master list will be created if any of the labels are changed.
4. EMR Screens and Reports will look different for each case depending on the patient type selected on the Case screen.



Field Mapping